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Exhibit 01: The Equipment of Apollo 15 lets you explore a museum space on the moon, presenting a small collection of equipment and artifacts used - and promptly left behind - by the crew of Apollo 15, painting a picture of the shape the later lunar landing missions took.


NASA’s Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs were all focused on developing, gradually proving, and maturing technology to allow astronauts to travel to and perform science on the moon. Each and every mission was one deliberate step up from the previous one and ultimately intended to test one additional component of a full lunar science mission.

This reached its ultimate maturity with Apollos 15, 16, and 17. These were three-day stays on the lunar surface, using the most sophisticated equipment of the program, including a lunar rover and upgraded geology equipment. Astronauts were able to do their most extensive geological study in-person and bring back more varied rock and soil samples than any previous landing mission.

Apollo 15 was the first mission to exemplify this upgrade, left behind the first art installation on the lunar surface, and also proved to be a test of NASA’s humanitarian philosophy, with multiple scandals involving personal financial gain erupting around  the mission.


  • Programming, Art, Writing: Brody Brooks
  • Sound Design: Kira Sedayao



  • Game now defaults to mouse-controlled, point-and-click gameplay. First-person walk-about can be activated by attempting to move with WASD keys.
  • Minor graphical tweaks


  • Initial release!


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nice exhibition

Thanks for giving it a look!

I think I'll download it since I am interested in astronomy.